Scotch® Brand Packaging Tape & Supplies

Scotch® Brand Packaging Tape

Ready to ship. Ready to move. Made to store. Our range of packaging tapes and supplies are designed to solve any packing problem, and offer superior durability, for strength you can rely on.


  • Why are there different kinds of packaging tape?
    Each of our packaging tapes is designed with a specific purpose in mind. For instance, Scotch® Heavy Duty Packaging Tape is extremely strong to keep packages intact as they travel.
  • Storing in damp areas is risky, but there are a few things you can do to prevent/minimize damage. Plastic or metal storage items like vacuum sealed bags, rubber containers and metal frame shelving are preferable to cardboard or wood.
  • Scotch® Packaging Tapes will withstand a moderate amount of moisture for a short period, but they are not designed to hold through prolonged exposure to weather.
  • Because they use particularly strong adhesives, packaging tapes may leave residue when removed. You may be better off with masking tape
  • 1: Remove the old tape core. Place the new roll of tape on the large roller and press all the way down. Make sure that the when you unroll the tape the sticky side is facing down. 2: Pull the tape over the guide bar – near the handle – and under the second, smaller roller. Some packaging tape dispensers have a spring loaded bar here. If so, hold it back so that you can easily pass the tape through. 3: Pull the tape against the serrated edge. 4: Tape away!
  • No. The color of the tape has no meaning. The most common colors for packaging tapes are clear, off white, and tan. Many are transparent after they are applied so writing can be visible, such as mailing labels.

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